Gold and Aluminum Leafing

Several original factories used lavish leafing and glazing to create glittering, stunning works of art. Running Horse Studio can do as much as much or as little of this dynamic, but painstaking skill as fits your style.

Color Research
We use factory colors and can return a piece to its own original factory paint, if we see bits and colors of it during restoration. Or we can deliver a bright new horse in colors you choose.


Metal leafing is done by hand in the time-honored way, using tedious, and practiced techniques, 23 carat yellow gold, Japanese white gold and Japanese aluminum leaf carefully burnished before glazing a final tinting color according to original carousel formulas.

When the figure is completed a final coat of clear, non-yellowing varnish is applied over the entire piece with the exception of the metal leaf, to leave a satin finish in contrast to the bright reflection of the shimmering leaf and glazing.

The carousel painting, and metal leafing is crafted by our expert at Running Horse Studio.



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Painters Skilled

in Old School
Stippling and oil painting by hand is a nearly lost art in this age of air-brushing and spray. Running Horse Studio prefers the old fashioned way.