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Carousel organizations love to visit the working studio.

In Fall, 2017, three busloads  of visitors attending the annual convention of the National Carousel Association, including international members bent on seeing this collection, spent nearly half a day at the Running Horse Studio, enjoying and photographing the variety of pieces to their hearts' content.

The 2011 National Carousel Association Technical Conference - which featured mechanical and marketing experts along with carousel operators from all across the nation to meet and study the best practices for business. The conference centered at the Running Horse Studio warehouse.

For their annual convention, the American Carousel Society also visited the carousel collection so varied at Running Horse Studio.

Pasadena Museum of History invites visitors to bask in the joyful ambiance of quintessential childhood amusements

in a uniquely “touchable” exhibition,

Giddy Up: Children Take the Reins.

Curated by conservator Lourinda Bray, the exhibition ran through September 15, 2019.

To See and Learn more about the

Toy exhibit, run your cursor over the Exhibitions  & Events Tab below and then click the  pop up "Toy Show" link

The erudite Running Horse Studio, and artist/collector, Lourinda Bray, has a long and lauded list of hosted groups, gatherings, and events.

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The immense Bray Collection of 400 carousel pieces and growing, is an active work and in negotiations to create a permanent carousel center as a museum and staging facility for exhibitions with a full restoration workshop

The Los Angeles branch of the international organization, Atlas Obscura, continues to schedule regular tours of the vast carousel collection at Running Horse Studio in Southern California. 

Film and art students have fulfilled their Masters Degree through the studio. The projects have reached far and wide, even their own exhibitions, kudos and awards. Carousel-related fan groups visit, photograph and research.

The Pasadena Museum of History in 2016  and 2018 dedicated all of its' galleries to showing a contingency of the Running Horse Studio collection. The exhibit exceeded expectations, overwhelming the museum with visitors seeking to see and learn about carousels. Newspapers and new stations covered the event..below are KTLA's interviews with Lourinda Bray: