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A huge, brimming warehouse of carousel and merry-go-round expertise, restoration, documentation, and preservation.   


Whatever you seek in the world of carousel, Running Horse Studio is the one-stop shop. Running Horse Studio began its' journey with a waterfall-maned Illions in the late 1970's,  and  has since burgeoned into one of the largest collections on the planet.

Running Horse Studio is  not merely renowned for their stellar restorations. Do you know your Dentzels from your Looffs? Your Allan Herschells from your Herschell-Spillmans? Running Horse Studio offers identification, and appraisal services.  We offer assistance with the location and purchase of carousel figures and facades, someone "in your corner" amidst a world of fake figures and uninformed antique dealers. The Running Horse Studio collection numbers over 400 strong, and is not for sale, so our integrity is sincere to help you find and confirm your authentic piece at a fair price. Lourinda and her team stand respected as an expert source for the known and the obscure in animal identification. Running Horse Studio covers the gamut for original paint restoration/recreation, factory classic, or something in your favorite hues.  Lourinda is recognized for her historical knowledge, and an avid passion in all things carousel, or merry-go-round, however it is that you prefer to identify these  marvelous, and beautiful, behemoth machines.

Your single place for all things Carousel...

"back to factory" carousel restorations,

piece identification, evaluation, historical research,

and contemporary carousel culture information

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